sketches II

by The Daydream Sound



About sketches II

Why is this album called “Sketches II”? That’s the question isn’t it? Even if it isn’t here’s the reasoning behind this body of work. I love to make music and to improve in this art form it’s a great habit to practice and train as much as possible. The intention behind a practice session isn’t necessarily meant to create something new but more to open the door for something new to present itself. Practice sessions can be lighthearted or very intense. They can last minutes or days. I generally make music at a very minimum twice a week and at a maximum? Well…… all the time!

Sometimes I make something I like. Sometimes I don’t’, (to be transparent I love everything I do) but in either case I always grow. So here are a collection of sketches that I like a lot! I like them so much that I have no intention of evolving them into songs. The strength that they have is enough for them to stand on their own merits. Now what am I supposed to do with them? Let them sit in the vault or present them? Well my decision is obvious. So here they are. I want you to enjoyed listening this collection because I enjoyed making them.


released January 5, 2016

Conceived and Written by The Daydream Sound
Album Artowrk by The Daydream Sound
Art Direction & Revisions by Dejon Walker

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