THE DAYDREAM SOUND II | Passage to Alkebulan

by The Daydream Sound



He is known for his inventive and adventurous approach to music, and The Daydream Sound delivers even more of this creative ingenuity with his newest album, Passage to Alkebulan. The songs work together as a musical score to a wondrous story about a team of explorers who set out on a journey to a land known as Alkebulan. The story itself is included with the album. It is a generous gift to listeners, as it paints for us a whole world — a people, and a history — and adds an extra layer of richness to the music. TDS gives us something with this release that is more than music; it is an immersive experience.

An Excerpt from CHAPTER I of "Passage to Alkebulan"

Morning Song

When Atsu woke up he saw that the night sky was a deep, dense purple. He inspected the stars but didn’t see any clusters that he knew or had even heard of. He had never been this far away from home before. Fear started to wiggle around in his chest. He turned to his brother Karwin who was sleeping beside him. Karwin reached out his hand to rest it on Atsu’s shoulder. Even in sleep, Karwin could sense his twin brother’s feelings.

Restless, Atsu got out of the bed they were sharing on the deck’s floor. He looked towards the boat’s prow where he could just make out the silhouette of Navv. The old man was standing alert, watching the water ahead of them. Floating a short distance from his face was a glowing orb, whose colours and striations shifted slowly from one pattern to the next. Atsu had no idea how to read it but knew Navv was reading it somehow, following its navigational directions. The sight of Navv awake and alert, steadily leading them on, made Atsu relax. He got back into bed and fell asleep beside his brother.


released March 20, 2013

A Story by The Daydream Sound With Devin Elizabeth
Scored by The Daydream Sound
Artwork by Dwight Alexander
Publicist Cassandra John
Project Manager Deejay Craig Brooklyn

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